Sunday, August 2, 2009

another fun one!

We started the weekend off right :) tim surprised me w/these flowers Friday after work!! one vase to make up for snapping @ me & the other for brownie points for rudeness expected Saturday on the river LOL

What a good time w/Good friends!
Nicki surprised Shayne w/this awesome yummy birthday cake! What a great wifey!!

after drinking & tubing on the river all day -6 hours is way too long!- then filling our tummies w/burgers & dogs.. we were all sooo sleepy we couldn't party w/the neighbors! LOL

Some even passed out in their chairs-HUPP!!

but not too bad of a morning for most of us :) altho we all agreed it would have been a much better day for tubing as we froze the last 1/2 of the ride yesterday! eek

Da bus that takes us up the river.

their advertisement as I never recal seeing it move :)

we are ending summer w/a bang!! something every weekend now until Labor Day!! YAY!!!!
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