Tuesday, July 7, 2009

True Confessions Tuesday

  1. I had a rough go of it this morning..
  2. I took a lil too much cold medicine @ bedtime last night & I think it lingered into the morning...
  3. so I didn't have the energy to type a post...
  4. here it is Nap time & I am finally typing.
  5. Tuesday here = field trip day we went to the same park as last week
  6. they loved it
  7. I am doing horribly on my eating & water & the exercise is nonexistant :(
  8. no wonder my jeans are back to T.I.G.H.T.
  9. I sware to start shredding again when the company leaves next week
  10. Summer time colds are killer
  11. I was happier to be back on routine yesterday than I expected!
  12. the kids took some breaking back in after a 3 day weekend but that's normal-miserable @ times but normal.
  13. only one more to fall asleep then I'll be the only one awake for a full 30 minutes until its time to wake them up for snack time LOL
  14. I discovered I keep a cleaner house w/company than w/o. is that ODD??
  15. DO YOU?
  16. I will post some photos tomorrow from today's trip
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