Wednesday, July 22, 2009


the good laptop is heading to the shop via UPS today *sigh* I am going to miss it! so I am operating on the old S.L.O.W. ONE.... it has a hard time keeping up w/my typing & I am not secretary!! so the posts may be few & far between for the next month or 3 till I get it back. I just discovered (I think) if I do my entries early morning then its quicker... so I will try!

I had put off sending the good one in for way too long thinking it was leaving the country but the shipping lable was just for KY so it might not take the full 8-12 weeks they prepped me for. Its been doing random shut downs for nearly the duration of its time in my ownership & I have just dealt w/it since I've been on the phone w/several tech supports doing different things until the final was 'will u just send it in please' LOL

so Tim dropped it Monday evening & its not lighting up anymore so its definatly in the shop. We are hoping its cheap to fix b/c there won't be a new replacement in our budget until the furniture is paid off in December.

Ok enough whining LOL.. yesterday was too rainy for a field trip so we painted! I have photos but they are still on the camera :) OH & I just realized I have photos of Monday night's family get together to post too... I will try to do some photos in apost tomorrow!
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