Thursday, July 9, 2009


whew I am ready for the weekend. even if it means more busy-ness just less early rising :) I did get to sleep thru the night last night tho so that's a plus! enough whining!

today we are taking everyone on the free trolley ride to the library for story hour!! YES we r crazy! I've heard rumors there've been 80+ kids all 3 past weeks & I have never been. so since this is the last one, we are braving it & going! camera in hand!!

then coming home to run crazy in the back yard as I am sure they will all have some built up nervous energy.

Keeping our friend Court in our thoughts as he deals w/his dad's funeral this weekend.

I fried some of the okra (the mystery veggie in my 'meal in a box' from the farmer's market) last night. not bad. not fab. will take some playing w/I think.

Wow -I think I've run out of things to say.
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