Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I am T.I.R.E.D. today :( its not b/c I worked out yday.. nope I skipped it but @ 8:30 Tim & I went &walked around East Lake. it was a bit wet LOL my jeans were wet to mid shin & my shoes were squishy ICK!!!

I was pretty productive yesterday-lots of little stuff done or started. files organized, 1/2 of the entry/foyer floor decluttered/swept/mopped, 9 kids planted seeds in 3 flower pots/buckets, then colored flower 'craft', laundry finished & put away, upstairs kitchen cleaned, held the flashlight while Tim mudded where the ceiling light in the bathroom was & other ceiling spots, downstairs dining floor swept (now a daily thing instead of weekly! YAY!), drank 64oz, ate 4 f/v & got 3 dairy in. Suzanna ROCKS!!! last night I was able to finish the last page of photos for the 08 LAKE book :) its all put together & ready to display YAY!!! now on to AZ o4 :D

This weather is Stressing us out! Its making us feel the need to be responsible & skip a lake weekend WHAAAAAAAAAAA we reallllllllllllllly don't want to but if its just going to be rainy & cold what's the point of being there miserable when we could be here working on the bathroom?? as it is, it looks like we'll be going Saturday Morning-Sunday afternoon this weekend AND all of next.. then its all up in the air between the bathroom progress, visiting family, & 4th of July holiday. Talk about stressing what we can't control.

If the sun comes out today we are GOING OUTSIDE!!! I really want to get the seed blanket planted in the back flower bed! REALLLY REALLY want it out to maybe start growing by the 4th of July. OHHHHHHHHHH I don't think I posted.. TIm is willing to help me host my family's 4th of JULY BBQ after the Parade!!! AHHHHHHHHH I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting to host ever since we moved in & he's always had a tizzy... whohooooooooo.. hey who's looking for stress??? naw.. its all fun!! :) after all we have 2 full kitchens & 3 dining tables, grill, toy filled fenced in yard, 4 tvs & enough games & toys to keep everyone busy!! SOOOOOOO EXCITED!! now to get family clearance to begin the invites & official planning :) WHOOPS kind of got off on a tangent didn't I? Sorry ... back to Today :) we will go for a walk in the water along the edge of the streets today if the sun comes out!

I am finishing off the frappuccino I started yesterday... fully caffinated but still not ready to MOVE. ugh. have a great day!
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