Monday, April 13, 2009


OH MY... it was a doozy!!
FRIDAY NIGHT: cleaned out weight room, argued about the entertainment center staying/going. showered & went to the Eagle's for Karaoke. TOO MUCH FUN had in TOO SHORT a time. :(( called for a ride home. worshipped the porcelin when I got in the house-slept in my clothes.
SATURDAY: miserable but my own fault so made the trip to Newton for the treadmill, met my aunt for chit chat, ridding myself of bile as fast as it was created I think. slept in truck while he ordered sink, counter, faucets & shower surround in Home Depot. home to unload treadmill & back to bed. finally up around 7 to eat, shower & bum around till midnight then back to bed.
SUNDAY: up to make cherry desert I promised. off to mom's @1, home by 4 nap till 6, up for supper, did shred DVD while supper was cooking, walked for 33 minutes on treadmill while watching first 1/2 of apprentice then showered & in bed by 10.


ACCOUNTABILITY: Water: 96oz Friday, 64oz saturday, 96oz Sunday, well over my 5 Friday, 3 f/v Sunday & 0 on Saturday, Shred on Friday-nothing on Saturday, Shred + 33 treadmill minutes on Sunday! not bad really for so miserable on Saturday!! I did weigh in down 3 from Wed & the same as Last Saturday thanks to the misery ;)

APPRECIATE: I appreciate good friends to watch out for us when we needed it Friday night. I appreciate that none of my cc parents were out to see me Friday night! I appreciate lesson learned!

2 more days of spring break here. today is rainy so I assume to be down 3 in addition to the one scheduled gone. here's hoping they like the new yoga dvd that came on Saturday. I am hoping to work in my serious laundry pile w/the day's activities! :) wow I am getting hungry & that's a feeling I haven't felt in a while.. so off to fix breakfast... have a great day!!!
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