Friday, January 16, 2009


I have a super small group today so hoping to kick some serious to-do list butt!!

ACCOUNTABILITY: Thursday's report: It would have been so easy to skip last night's FIT time but I didn't I worked it :) AND I was down to the wire again on getting my water in but I did managed it! very healthy supper-lettuce salad + steak bites YUMMMMM + a few bites of pasta salad.

Appreciate: I appreciate the days full of little ones for their energy, affection, & insight. I appreciate the days of smaller groups for the easier focus on the one on one & the time to get things done that get neglected when I am changing diapers or feeding bottles or cooking all day :) I appreciate that Tim tried the steak bites last night w/minimal apprehension & admitted they were actually good LOL

weekend plans: sleep in, ear ring back, sleep in, grocery shop, sleep in, change dryer wiring/outlet, tighten bedroom heated ceiling fan screws so we can turn it on again, grab a nap, bake bread, nap, Fit Time, drink water, nap :) looks like a good one to me

Have a great weekend!!!
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