Friday, December 19, 2008

weekend update:

Tim spent the day on the couch & was restless this evening so we ran out to walmart to get my mom's sewing machine (I hate the idea of giving a gift of this caliber from walmart but atleast she can return it if its not right or what she wants) and my middle brother's(&his wife) microwave from us & my other brother (&girlfriend) so 2 more gifts checked off!!!

tomorrow we head to DM for Kyler, Carson, and each other's gifts. hoping for a quick trip as I have some scrappy gifts to get kickin' on! (hey why aren't I working on them now??? lol)

then Sunday Tim is working to make up for missing today for the ice so I will be spending the day either shopping w/mom or scrappy gift making.

I hate last minute gift wrangling!!!!
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