Tuesday, December 23, 2008

almost there...

last night I did one more trip to walmart for baking goods.. then came home to mix up the snowball dough for chilling & clean the kitchen then hit my room for a 2 hour scrap marathon working on the boys' book some more. ALMOST DONE! I could use one more evening but alas I don't have it so i will crunch it all in tonight I promise!!

today: bake snow balls-cool-roll in pwdr sugar--DONE, bake chocolate cookies for dipping in crushed mints @ gatherings, make no-bake fudge--DONE

tonight: make buckeye bars, mix up cinn roll dough for chilling(UMMMMMMM Maybe not... didn't read that I needed 8 cups of flour!!!), finish boys' book

tomorrow: warm cinn roll dough & cut, make spicy Molassess cookies, make cookie plates, deliver one to neighbors, pack to go to Sarah's

IF I can squeeze in time I'd like to make spritz coookies LOL
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