Thursday, November 6, 2008

an early day

man did I miss Yoga last night!! :( I sooo hope I get in the next session!! I need it :)

hoping for some productivity time today... the wood floors are in need of attention in a serious way LOL maybe run the vac too.. will see how cooperative everyone is. closing early for a chiro appt! hopefully I'll finally get my neck back in that's been out for atleast a week & half... atleast the headaches went away.

I have to finalize my party number today too. hmmmm maybe the 3rd cancelation in 2 months.. I think I have partied everyone out. oops!!

I scrapped a bit last night while watching Knight Rider, Private Practice & Dirty, Sexy Money. So bummed that htey don't put Criminal Minds online :(

ok enough rambling!
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