Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TUESDAY randomness!

for not sleeping well last night I am getting around pretty good this morning.
I made Tim some ramen noodles to take in his thermos.
I am sipping some hot gingerbread spice tea..
its definately time to set the schedule on the thermostat!
I brought in 2 pots of plants last night right b4 bed hopefully the shock wasn't too much for them!
I worked on a LO last night of Tim @ the lake last night after a nap on the couch :)
tonight is darts-atleast I don't dread it now but I still get queasy walking thru the parking lot.
I see some baking on today's agenda to keep the oven going & some 'textured' heat flowing :)
time to get it started... pancakes for breakfast!!!

OH OH OH & I REALLY WANNA DO THIS this year!!!! I do have a paper pack from Archivers that's christmasy/wintery & several NIP 7X7 CM albums hmmmmmmmm finish the WITL/SOT pages then I will kick this one.. hopefully!!! OH how I dream to be as organized as Ali someday!!!!

ETA (again) lol
I started laundry but the washer is throwing a code that I believe is the drainhose (been there done that can ya tell) so Tim said to leave it & he'd tear into it while I shower for darts tonight YAY!!! instead of laundry productivity I made PUMPKIN MUFFINS!!!!!!! FROM the Pioneer Woman minus the raisins & whiskey this time.. i am making the whiskey whipped cream for the toppings to take to darts tonight tho! YUMMMMMMMMY
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