Thursday, October 16, 2008


so tired today... the less daylight + the fall chill is sapping me LOL ... naw.. maybe it was just running full bore from 4AM on yesterday!! whatever it is I had a HARD time rolling out from under the nice warm covers this morning!!! yikes.

Tuesday-darts was funner than I had planned. I even wone!
Wednesday-LOVE YOGA!! alternate nostrile breathing.. interesting to say the least.

tonight-hoping for some serious scrap time!!! wanna print & start my Day in the Life pages for my BOM!!! have seen some super ideas & mine will be a toned down version of several or none totally unsure yet. but it will be me. needing a break from the summer boating pics.. they are making me 'home sick' I think.

this weekend is PACKED!!! *WEDDING RECEPTION*dentist appt*birthday party*maybe football games*recovery sometime*hopefully house cleaning & scrapping.
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