Wednesday, September 24, 2008


ahhhhhhh cannot wait for tonight!!!
chiro then yoga then running thru walmart to get my gift card for Sunday's breakfast then look for raffle tickets & pink table cloth of some kind.

last night I fine tuned my personal page kit pile :) I dug a lil deeper into my stash, narrowed photos by page instead of subject, I plan to work on NYE 07 then campin, boatin 08! I also have a wedding in a box from like ummmmm o4???? that needs finished!!! LOL

today's list includes some not so fun stuff-- sweep the wood floor, finish the laundry, weekly/monthly paperwork, make a to-do list for SCRAP PINK, maybe a list of what to take Friday night & what can wait for Saturday, oh yea & tend to kids HAHAHAH as if they'd let me NOT. :)

I have actually impressed myself w/my productivity w/all of the little ones--more productive w/more kids DOES NOT MAKE SENCE! except that I knw when I have down time I have to go gangbusters to get it done b4 I get set back down again LOL
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