Thursday, September 25, 2008


I FREAKING LOVE YOGA!!!!!!!! O-M-G!!!! its FANTABULOUS!!!! Not sure how I lived w/o it! now tokeep my neck in so I am not sore! had the atlas adjusted last night b4 yoga so I am sore from that moving around rather than yoga this week HOORAY!!

I FOUND RAFFLE TICKETS!! also got pink plates & napkins & a table cloth EACH FOR A BUCK @ walmart whohooooo you could say I am 'tickled Pink' hahah j/k had to!!! AND bought it all w/the gift card they donated for the Sunday morning breakfast we no longer need LOL oh well its all working out!

I MISSED LIPSTICK JUNGLE LAST NIGHT :( *sniff* I thought it was going to be on tonight & had Tim DVR Knight Rider (I know GEEK) & Criminal Minds & didn't look far enough in the guide to see LJ listed --hoping to catch it online today @ nap time! :)

This morning, I got 2 more possible sign ups for Sunday! Just have to start collecting the money & I'll be GOOD!!!

OK- I am givign up on the wood floors today LOL (maybe tomorrow w/3 less children)-- laundry is in the dryer--paperwork is my goal for today!!

tonight we have to meet my Signature girl for her donation, then run to Creston for the goodie bags from the scrapbook store:) so excited! I think Tim wants to go check out an animal cam for the hunting ground they are using.

oh well OFF to a good day!!

ETA: a paid registration walked thru my door today YAY!!!
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