Tuesday, September 9, 2008

crazy tuesday has begun


2 under 1, 2 under 2, 2 2's, a 3 & a 4 @ morning preschool, a 4& a5 @ afternoon preschool PLUS 4 school kids b4 &/or after school!! I am definately earning my quiet time tonight LOL

I did get the rest of the small wall painted that dark color last night YAY, also kitchen cleaned DOUBLE YAY, and managed to get to bed b4 10 :) saweet!

tonight I am planning to get brave & mix some white w/some dark paint & see if I can get enough for a big wall OR maybe I'll play it safe & just paint a big wall white LOL we'll see how much nerve I have left after today :)

kodak is loading & printer software is done! photos this afternoon -if I get computer time.
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