Thursday, August 21, 2008

first day

the boxes I got at the beginning of summer for their airplane & shots of their airplane

wow I had no one to walk to the bus stop today!! whohoooo kinda missed it but enjoyed not having to drag Natalye out in the drizzle! All moms either went in late or took the day off to get theirs to school. tomorrow will be our big rush. then Monday Madison starts Preschool, then the 27th(?) Tyler, Jessinda & Joey start Preschool JINKIES!

today I held them in until 8:30 then released them to play in the rain. While they were out Natalye napped :) & I fluttered around doing odds & ends of reorganzing from the summer stash & dashes! yikes!! So far:

*dishwasher cleaned out, refilled & running

*snagged all big kid bags from the nap pile & stashed them back under a PNP in the nursery

*unpackaged Natalye's & Lily's diapers they have brought this week

*put leftover pullups into Shay's basket

*pulled various things from the 'pantry' shelf (dishwasher soap, kleenex, etc) to use elsewhere

*tied up yesterday's diaper garbage + kitchen garbage to go out

*folded laundry from dryer + put wet into dryer & started throwing things in washer to wash w/wet clothes as they come in from outside

*started cleaning off washer & dryer

WHOHOOOOOOOOO I feel loads better about sitting her for a little bit now!! :)
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