Thursday, July 24, 2008

this week's field trip

good thing a simple park pleases my munchkins!! ;)

swinging, merry-go-round-ing, hide & seek-ing, red-light-green-light-ing, picnicing, & a free trolley ride to & from WHOHOOOOOOOOOOOO full morning of fun!

its raining here this morning & they say it could continue all day hmmmmm I feel some serious inside time!!! of course that means a bit o paperwork that's been sorely neglected all summer LOL, maybe even some baking! *gasp*, how about some desk set up??, of course we'll have to have some painting & creating, then we'll throw out some rain play time too WHOHOOOOOO OFF WE GO ON A FAN-TAB-ULOUS THURSDAY!! :)
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