Tuesday, July 29, 2008


KATIE! haha totally couldn't resist!!!

I was plannign to do it this afternoon but I had to:
*bail Christin's car out of DM breakdown w/our AAA card + Chaney's Twin Service :) happy to help!!
*direct/sign for the Home Depot delivery lady
*look all over town for an owner/operator of a newby forklift & instead get Dale+Lisa to move the new panels as Tim was FREAKING out about where I had the driver put them (they got a freebie cc day too LOL)
*find out that RATHBUN has ONE open ramp w/a dock but NO trailer parking!!!!!!!!! so we are rearranging our weekend! (btw, tubing is the 16th. 4 hour tube ride on the river + camping over night for $25/per person)
*try to hang a shelf in teh cc kitchen instead put a nice hole in the wall my finger fits into LOL don't tell yet!
*think I have a fabric shower curtain I want cut to make into valances to coordinate w/the signature ones I got last fall that arent hung yet HA!

ahhhhhhh over load!!!! PHOTOS @ YOUR HOUSE 9TH OR 10TH RIGHT?????
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