Thursday, June 26, 2008


hahaha I am doing it again.. YAY!!!! SO EXCITED!!

today is about goals!

  1. we got financing for the privacy fence+roof so now to get the building permit - need to fill it out today & deliver it to the night deposit tonight!
  2. pick up boxes from the appliance store for the airplane we want to build next week in the yard!
  3. narrow down where the new clothesline will go when the fence is up! yay
  4. get a great yoga dvd for myself + scratch out time for it again!
  5. get a great kids yoga dvd & let them start
  6. finish up month end paperwork & maybe even some BACK MONTHS paperwork :O

WHOHOOOOOOOO that looks like afun list!!! :)

have a great THURSDAY!

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