Tuesday, May 20, 2008


ewwwwwww woke w/a headache today PHOOEY! I am blaming the front that moved thru over night! we had some serious winds, a bit of rain (no idea how much) but no Th/L thankfully. I did get my hanging pots down w/the first gust YAY ME! we worked on teh boat a bit last night.. Tim shopvac'd the carpet & pretended to wipe the fiberglass inside down... my heart just wasn't into manual labor .. but I did fill a gallon baggie w/garbage-including wax/treatment that sat out all winter so no doubt its toast. then we loaded the totes into the boat. Tim went to Hupp's to work on his boat & I watched my Days & finished a Burn Notice I had started on Sunday. then he came home to make beef jerkey & showered & crashed b4 10! unheard of!!

tonight I have class then I need to start getting my batteries charged for the camera(should email Kodak right now bout that issue) & go thru the bags of clothes/towels & try on my *gulp* suits TOTALLY dreading that!!!

that's all the further I am predicting....
Have a great day!
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