Wednesday, May 28, 2008


catching up...

WEEKEND: was generally good. Muddy, rainy, windy, & cool but we did get a day & 1/2 on the lake WHOHOooooooo & we did still tent camp YEHAW!!!! Family time on Monday.

WEEK: so far-unproductive however, hoping to kick it into gear tomorrow! after all.. its THURSDAY ALREADY :)

INSPIRATIONAL! Becky!! Thanks for the wake up call!! totally copying the last part of hers:
looking fwd to:
*warmer weather
*tomorrow's outside play time
*getting my 'corner' in the cc cleaned up
*Des Moines Farmer's Market Saturday
*Sam's Club stock up Saturday
*Adventureland w/Kyler & Carson Sunday
family time @ Mom's cook out
our new tent
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