Thursday, May 15, 2008

goooooooooooooooood morning blog-land!

(said in my best Robin Williams) hehe

for a Thursday I am feeling pretty good! :) THAT'S pleasant surprise!

last night I got my March 12for12 laid out, journaling printed thenlost interest. I think the photos printed too big for my measly page.. I will make it work & put it away. not a contest page. not a page worth fretting over.

I got another one of those super cool pkgs from my super cool scrapping friends -a box of paper YUMMMMMMMMM THANKS ROBS!!! I ws hoping to dig into it last night but then I got to scrappin' & discovered I had this page to do b4 somethign fun PHOOEY.

I have April's 12for12 printed-journaling+photos so that should be next.. we will see. also printed some spring-y photos to scrap for variety. maybe that will pull me out of my funk.

I Have house cleaning to get accomplished tonight +tomorrow night for my Taste of Home Entertaining party on Saturday night. Lyndsey might be spending the weekend so that could be fun. also throw in a baptism & it qualifies as a fun, family, friends weekend. I'd say we covered our bases :)
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