Monday, April 28, 2008


over a week!? my bad.. but there really hasn't been anything exciting to type about lately...

*I did a page last week.. layed out a 2nd then decided to donate my current desk to our neice & move the roll top into my room to use so everything that didn't fit in any open containers got piled on page #2 on my cardtable I work on so scrapping has screeched to a halt until we either get the roll top moved in there or the whole scrap room gets moved into the OTHER ROOM. I have referred to that other room as 'the cat room' (its where he's fed + litter box is kept) also as the 'weight room' as it currently houses our bowflex & ab lounge but is rarely used as such. I have decided to sacrifice & move the scrap stuff into the little room that I OH SO strongly disagreed w/in the initial move in HA. then transform the bigger room into a bedroom (nursery) -- confirmation coming Saturday. & not at all sure what to do w/all that weight equipment (maybe loan it out or sell it)here is my scrap room w/o the desk/shelf unit

*we got lots of fresh air this weekend-mushroom hunted w/nothing found-did a geo cache-placed a geo cache-not to mention the unloading of groceries then Sam's Club purchases

*{{{HUGS}}} to my cousin Katie! her gpa passed away last week & his funeral & burial is today


*we got a pedestal dining table 4 chairs @ a garage sale DIRT cheap -- so used however, its wooden+loved+fits in out dining room! but looks a bit cluttered w/the roll top there not being used therefor the urge to do all the desk moving!

hmmmm can't think of anything else.... even semi exciting.
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