Monday, April 14, 2008

pretty quiet for a monday!

around here it is anyway! lol

I have been gone too long to give a total update but *I had a busy weekend*I got started today on that to do list from the child care nurse consultant for her to check everything off when she returns on Thursday*homework I have whined about for a month is done & gone now on to the next assignment DINOSAURS*only having 5 children all morning was a BREEZE! compared to the mornings I have 10 LOL

k now how about a few photos from the weekend.

1. all the stuff we donated to good will on saturday:

2. the empty fairgrounds (will dig up one of it during fair week soon!)

3.ME can you see me??
4. the birdhouse I finally located (after driving all over Des Moines) Saturday! whohoooooo now.. to get unafraid of it & ALTER!
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