Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Randomness...

  1. I spent 4 hours while Tim was rearranging the garage to clean the whole upstairs. minus vac'ing.
  2. this is the weekend of 'change the plans'
  3. I scrapped 2! pages last night!!
  4. we have been to Walmart almost every day since it opened a week ago .. LOL
  5. I rescued 2 things from the landfill this morning-wire basket I think used to go in an old deep freeze + a galvanized bucket in perfect condition
  6. I am NO good b4 my coffee!!
  7. scouted a few neato spots in teh country today for fab photo ops!
  8. I got my cousin's photo order in the mail this week.. first time to see my own shot 11x14! WOW pretty cool!! :)
  9. I keep washing & keeping funky glass bottles from food products-olive oil, olives, nacho cheese, boullion granules, etc
  10. I am enjoying the CSI marathon this weekend!

wow how's that for some randomness??? :)

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