Wednesday, March 12, 2008


nothing exciting to post JUST:
  • Aunt Sue & I worked on homework last night
  • I paid massive amts of bills yesterday
  • I slept all night long thanks to the magic mouthwash YAY!
  • I have a chiro appt today YESSSSSS
  • ITS WEDNESDAY & supposed to be 60 degrees out!
  • needing to call today to make eyebrow appt for Saturday BADLY
  • 3 of 4 baskets of laundry put away yesterday
  • its wednesday
  • hot beef sandwiches for supper YUMMMMMM
  • everyone here has either runny nose or cough or both :( COME ON SPRING!!!
  • hey-did I mention its WEDNESDAY????
  • planning some hit & miss homework typing + bill organizing today...

have a GREAT Wednesday!!!

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