Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the good stuff in my world

  1. hearing- child care children GETTING ALONG-loudly but atleast its a happy loud :)
  2. seeing- the sun is shining on the 2' of snow making it nice & bright everywhere
  3. creating- scrapping last night & having a plan for tomorrow night
  4. feeling- semi prepared for tonight's class-not stressing about it anyway
  5. feeling- more confident daily about our tax appointment on Saturday
  6. exercise- Tim & I each worked out last night-him more than me
  7. food- PB toast for breakfast
  8. knowing- school being in session today-late but in session
  9. having- friends I know I can rely on
  10. smelling- comforting breakfast smells -coffee-eggs-toast

have a great day!!

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