Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So Much!

SO much to be thankful for! this month I focus my facebook statuses on thankfulness. Each day for the entire month I post something I am thankful for, whether it be big or little they are all honest.  Some examples are a warm house as the temps dip outside, a hard working husband, the child care families, the farmer's market for their goods that fed us thru the summer & now will continue thru the winter w/what I managed to freeze, & the beef that we get from Grandpa today to fill the deep freeze. 

SO much to do today! I like to defrost the freezer every year and because that beef is coming today, today is the day! I loaded a grocery sack w/last year's beef & moved it to the upstairs freezer, the bananas & some pumpkin into the childcare freezer, & a full grocery sack of pumpkin/squash to the upstairs freezer temporarily.  I do the lazy way of defrosting, I turn it off (duh) then fill a pan w/hot water & set it on the middle shelf w/a towel in the bottom of the freezer & leave the door open. if I am in a hurry I wll chizel & chip or spray it w/water but so far today, its just the steam doing the work for me.

SO much to do today #2!  I am making a new recipe for tomorrow's dinner @ mom's.  I am always nervous when trying out a new recipe but I have fresh sweet potatoes from the farmer's market so I volunteered, yesterday, to bring them along w/Tim's (requested) pumpkin roll.  Online I found Pioneer Woman's Sweet Potato recipe & it looks pretty easy & different.  I think I will start it today so Tim can have the kitchen tonight.  I love traditions but when it comes to food, as long as its the same main ingredient, a few dishes can be changed up from time to time. :)

SO much to organize!  Even if its just mentally, I must get (or atleast feel) organized going into this holiday season.  Decorating: in the past couple I have gotten blue while decorating & couldn't explain it but that put decorating @ a stand still for a couple of days.  I am swearing not to do that this year.  If something is giving me fits, it goes back in the box  & maybe even out the door. I told the kids we'd put the small tree up in the childcare this year & they are pumped! I bought a container of new cookie cutters @ Wal-Mart last Friday & will string them upon ribbons for them to use as ornaments for their tree.  Gifts: I have just a few more gifts to buy & am going to try to limit my spending on them. Then there are the neighbor/bus driver/mail delivery/garbage pick up gifts.. I want to do the (pictured) wisk+hershey's kisses & a note that reads 'we wisk you a merry kiss-mas' but will c where I can find wisks on the cheap :) Another provider invited us to particiate w/her childcare families to adopt a family for Christmas.  We jumped on it. I have been wanting to do this for many years but never felt I could do 'enough' to justify. This year I am thankful to be able to participate!  Cards: I have Christmas cards to decide on, am I making them or ordering?  Girl's Night In:  OH & I decided to host a Girl's Night In the Saturday before Christmas! GET OUT, I KNOW! what was I thinking?? I had a great idea & wanted to do it NOW & the soonest Saturday I had open was that one.  So far there are 6 signed up. Scrapping, drinks, snacks, chick flicks YES PLEASE!   seee.. so much ;)

pretty boring stuff but yet So Much :)
Hope you & your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!!!


jaime said...

oh my - you do have a lot to do! And the girls night in sounds like something I would plan the week before Christmas. I'm a little crazy like that!

Brooke said...

busy, busy lady! hope the new recipe turns out great. happy thanksgiving!! :)

Ashley said...

I have LOVED your positive, thankful posts on facebook. I always read them. I wish I would have started doing that, too. (next year!). Good luck with your sweet potatoes - I like the Pioneer Woman's recipes, too :) Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

Terri said...

Great post - we all have so much to be thankful for, don't we? Oh, and check the dollar store for whisks. That's a cute idea!

Anonymous said...

Sweet post! I can totally "hear" the sincerity! And don't worry - I'm sure you'll get everything done!

Kudos an the adopt a family by the way! A lot of the families in my charity get adopted and whatever you can do is more than enough! Seriously!